Tinsley Pavilion


The Tinsley Pavilion is a unique space located on the grounds of the Lee Civic Center. The pavilion was first built in 1998, and has played host to many outdoor events, concerts, cookout, private parties, corporate parties, cook-off's and is the main 4H facility during the Southwest Florida and Lee County Fair every year. 
The Tinsley Pavilion was named after Fair Board Member William Tinsley. The pavilion stretches 190 ft. in length, 90 ft. wide and the ceiling ranges from 20 to 25 ft. The floor is all concrete and has its own power and lighting. The Tinsley Pavilion always has a great breeze flowing through it, even on the hottest of days!



No two events or shows are ever the same, therefore we build each shows pricing to accommodate your needs, that way you don't end up paying for things you don't need.


Below you can find an estimate of prices for an event. (Prices are subject to change without notice).

  • $375.00..............Set up / Move out (per event)

  • $1200.00..............Pavilion and Parking Lot (per day)

  • $375.00..............Utility Surcharge (per day)

  • $100.00..............Occupational License (per event)

  • $200.00................Event Director (per day)

  • $17.50................Supervisor (per person, per hour)

  • $15.50................Event Staff (per person, per hour)

  • $15.50................Porters (per person, per hour)

  • $15.50................LCC Security (per person, per hour)

  • $48.00................LCSO (Deputies) (per person, per hour)

  • $42.00................Bayshore EMS (per person, per hour)

  • $7.00..................Tables (per piece)

  • $1.00..................Chairs (per piece)

  • $25.00................Staging (per piece)

  • $500.00..............Damage Deposit (per event)


Rules and Regulations 

    • No Alcoholic Beverages. User shall not allow beer, wine, hard liquor, or any other alcoholic beverage to be sold, given away, used or consumed anywhere on the Facility grounds except as provided by Fair. If it is found that User violates this provision in any way, Fair Association shall immediately terminate the Event and User will be required to vacate the premises immediately, and will forfeit all damages deposit.  Should User’s rental package include an alcohol provision, Fair Association will verify legal drinking age of persons attempting to access the alcohol, and provide staff to pour and monitor pour area.  It is understood that Fair Association’s staff providing this service does not relieve the User of its own independent responsibility to ensure there is no underage or inappropriate drinking.
  • Animals and pets are not permitted on Facility grounds, except for Service Animals permitted under appropriate law, and except for approved exhibits, displays or performances legitimately requiring use of animals as approved by Fair Association.
  • Cancellation and Refund. To receive a full refund of yours show deposit, User must notify Fair Association of cancellation at least thirty (30) days prior to the Event. Cancellations between eight (8) and thirty (30) days prior to Event will receive one-half (1/2) of the required deposit. Cancellations less than eight (8) days prior to the Event will forfeit the entire deposit and no refund will be authorized.
  • Non-Smoking/Tobacco Free FacilityAll buildings located at the Facility are no-smoking/tobacco free. User is responsible to inform all persons at its Event accordingly and enforce this rule. Receptacles for disposal and discarding of tobacco waste are located outside Civic Center and failure to use them, or  smoking inside Civic Center, shall result in charges against the Damages Deposit.
  • Insurance. No later than fourteen (14) days before the Event, User shall provide the Fair Association with a Certificate of Insurance in a form and from an insurer acceptable to the Fair Association, in its sole discretion, for (i) Comprehensive General Liability insurance including, without limitation, coverage for  premises and operation, personal and advertising injury, contractual for this User and other agreements covering Event, explosion, collapse and underground coverage, coverage defect in the Fair Association’s property and premises, and products and completed operations (if any products are to be sold or distributed) coverage with limits of not less than $1,000,000.00 each occurrence, combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage. User must name the Southwest Florida and Lee County Fair Association, Inc., and the Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, Florida, as additional insureds under this policy. Get your insurance Here!


  • Schematic. Not less than seven (7) days prior to the date of the Event , User shall provide Fair Association with a schematic reflecting the desired layout for the Event. Fair Association shall provide, set-up and break down tables and chairs for User, as shown on the Schematic, at no additional cost to User. 


  • Camping. Camping spaces are provided to vendors of a show only. Camping is not open to the public. Full hook-up camping is $35 per night. Dry camping is $25 per night.


Tables and Chairs


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Tinsley Pavilion

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